Candace Caldwell Licensed
Massage Therapist – LMT, AZ#MT-01628P

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Sedona is an incredible place to heal, to pamper yourself, or to just relax.

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Massage - Light or Deep Tissue


60 minutes $110


Light or Deep
Tissue Massage

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Signature Massage Session


90 minutes = $175 
120 minutes = $225

Candace’s Signature Massage

Essential Oils
Hot Stones
Kita Biosonic Peace Machine
Energy Healing

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Massage One Hour - Back Only


60 minutes – $120

Massage 1 hour

Biopulser Percussion Machine
Massage Cupping
Essential Oils
Hot Stones
Kita Sound Healing

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Group or Private Sound Bath



Group /Private Gong
Sound Healing

Benefits of Sound / Vibration Therapy

Lower Blood Pressure
Reduced Pain
Reduced Anxiety
Better Regulated Limbic System
Increased Circulation
Shortened Healing Periods
Increased Sleep Quality
Increased Sense of Calm

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Kita Sound and Vibration Healing Session


60 minutes $95


The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine applies vibration and sound frequencies on the mind, body and spirit.  While lying on the massage table, headphones and sound are adjusted for your comfort.  You will hear healing music as you are massaged with the cushioned transducer which translates the music into frequency and vibration.  It’s like being massaged by music.  The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine introduces specific sound frequencies calming and nourishing the body systems to produce a state of balance. This session is the best stress buster ever!!!
A 45 minute session is like receiving a whole body massage.
No need to disrobe for this session.

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$15 / session
$100 for 10 sessions

TurboSonic®  X7 Whole Body Vibration Machine with Sound Frequencies.  A sophisticated ex and wellness machine that uses patented sonic vibration technology based on decades of Russian research and development.

During the first extended periods of time Russian cosmonauts spent in space, it was observed they experienced bone and muscle tissue loss due to a lack of gravity.

In an effort to stop or reverse these degenerative conditions, researchers were led to the whole body vibration (WBV) technology.

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ACCESS BARS (like Reflexology for the head)


60 minutes $100

Access Bars is a modality of Access Consciousness.  The Bars are points on the head that when held create a bar of light or energy.  Having an Access Bars session is like reflexology for the head.  This session can help create positive change in your world and is very relaxing.  

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$25 per session
$200 for 10 sessions

Bemer Therapy

A German Medical device that is very helpful for:
• General Blood Flow
• Nutrient & Oxygen supply and waste removal
• Cardiac funcion
• Fitness, Endurance, Strength & Energy
• Concentration Mental acuity,
• Stress Reduction & Relaxation
• Sleep Management

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